Tuesday, February 21, 2012

St. George

We headed to St. George for Presidents day weekend to enjoy some nice weather, my Uncle and Aunt are so kid and let us stay at there vacation house. It was a fun weekend, Remy was the first to experience some cactus needles! Here he is getting ready to pull them out, a few stuck in my finger and they were so sharp, ouch. 

Tea loved playing outside, Travis was out with her grilling while I cooked in the kitchen and I turned around to this silly girl.
The boys were quite and this is were we found them, they had put a movie in and were watching it on the cots in the garage.
Getting ready to go swimming, they have a indoor heated pool at the club house and we went as much as we could. The kids loved it!

We went out to warm up in the Jacuzzi before heading back
On Saturday we went to Dixie rock and the Narrows. The boys were in heaven, they are part mountain goat and part lizard. They love to climb so this was the most exciting thing we did! On the way back to where we were staying we could hear the boys taking in the back of the van. They were saying how much they love St. George and how they want to move there. ( good thing that's were we want to end up one day) Hudson asked Remy, "do you want to live in St.George"? Remy said " no I want to live in the Red dirt" !
So skinny, the boy fit threw fine Travis had to find another way to catch up. This would freak my mom out, huh mom?
Hudson being silly

Tea love dogs, this one was so nice! She gave her lots of loves and kisses then did this...
Hey look mom I am riding my own horse. It was so funny and the owners were really cool and told her she could sit on her. I loved this dog, no drool and licking that's my kinda of dog other than they are huge!!!
Lets just say I was more than ready to get down of this rock with my no fear boys, I was a little on edge with them and that's a understatement!
Bethany and Sara came along for the trip too. Parley and Erica came to St. George too I don't know why I don't have any pictures of them. We had a fun time, next family trip we will all be together almost four more months until my parents get home!!!

Ummm good thing I was busy with Tea and the dog to realize how close they were to the edge, ahhh! 

Awww matching sweaters, Crossfit oh yeah!

Trying to open her mouth extra bog for that marshmallow! Don't mind that she looks like a plig with those pants, we were in St. George, it was cooled when we made smores.

Tea's own seat

Watching a movie Sunday night!
Beth was lucky to get a quick snuggle

Camera Clean Up

Hudson lost his first tooth!!! He came home from school and was so excited to show us all, it even happened on the 100th day of school. I can't believe he is old enough to lose teeth!
We had a paint morning, lets just say we are so sick of cold weather and can't wait to be playing outside soon!

I saw this idea on a blog, my kids loved it, and it was a easy clean up!
Family movie night, we were watching Star Wars and I look over and Remy had the most concerned look!
We paused the movie so we could spend our money on some treats, they loved this, Hudson even said "this is the best day ever" you know it was a good activity if he said that. Remy asked me Monday morning if we could do it again, not quite sure popcorn and candy is a good breakfast.
Tea even caught on while watching my boys and was so excited for treats!

All three kiddos were sick a few weeks ago, Tea was the worst and had to do breathing treatments. She did a really good job sitting still for here busy body that is a huge accomplishment.

There is a pond by our house so when its a little warm out we head out to feed the ducks, oh yeah and the creepy huge fish!

The boys fished here a few weeks ago after discovering them, I wish I would have took pictures they are huge!

I straighten Tea's hair the other day for fun, I have done that to each of my kids. Her hair is so long! I am so glad its curly, it looked so weird to me straight. 

Grandma Lil found this cute costume at the end of Halloween and sent it to us, Tea saw it the other day in her closet after her nap and wanted to wear it. She is such a girl, it is so fun!
Thanks Grandma Lil and Papa Lindz for the Valentines package! The kids love getting packages and were so excited for the treats and shirts!

Lazy 5 Ranch and Random Pics From NC

We went to Lazy 5 ranch again while we where in NC for Christmas, and once again it was so funny! Remy was way braver this time around but we all had some good laughs at his expense. Remy feeding the lamas.
Hudson feed the ostriches this time, they freak me out so he is one brave boy!
Tea had a fun time rotating around the van, last time she was in my belly! She loved to see the animals from a distance.

The giraffes are the best! They pet one this time, Aunt Beth was in heaven she has a giraffe obsession!

The weather was so nice and we enjoyed it, they have a fun park at the Ranch that we played at for a little while.
Tea being cute, because that's what she does best!

Random Christmas eve pictures, the boys putting out the reindeer food. Early that day Hudson drew a landing strip with some chalk for Santa.

Christmas morning, we have a family tradition that we do every Christmas morning before we see what Santa brought and open gifts. We each take a turn to say a prayer, we have done this since we were little kids and I am so thankful for the spiritual experiences we have each year! It helps us remember the true meaning of Christmas.
Having Popcorn and smoothies at Grandmas, a must!