Friday, December 26, 2008

Thank You Grandma Lil

I Love this picture they both have such good smilies!

Brotherly love!

Grandma Lil made these cute jamies for the boys for Christmas, Thank you Grandma Lil we love the gangster pants on Remy!

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! Hope you all had a nice Christmas!

We had a really nice Christmas! We were able to talk to all our family on Skype so we were also able to see them ! It was so nice to see everyone and talk to you! We sure missed all of you but we are so grateful that we were able to talk to you! This Christmas I was the one up at 5:30am because I was so excited to see my boys open their presents. Hudson didn't even get up until 7:00. Hudson was so excited it was alot of fun!

Remy loved his new toy from Santa, most important the balls that came with it! I love this picture of his big smile looking at the balls!
Hudson got a Walle and Eve and some Knex! He must have been a good boy to get what he asked for from santa ! He was so excited when he saw Walle and Eve he also got the movie which he loves!
The boys in their Christmas Jamies! You can't really see them but the have snow men all over them and on the shirt it has three snow men lined up and it says " Chillin with my hommies"! We couldn't pass those by!

This year I suprised Travis with a Wii ! I would not normally buy a nintedo but I really like the fun family games and of course the Wii Fit. I thought Travis knew but he was so suprised. We had fun playing it with the kids and the Draves!
We had the Draves over for Christmas breakfast again, it was so nice to share it with them! We sure missed Josh! ( Their dad has been at dry dock since October and the crew wasn't able to make it back yet) We hope he will get back soon!

To finish of the night Remy got his first big shinner on his head. He has bumped it alot but this time he got a huge bruise right away! Poor baby, you can't see it to well in the pic!

Christmas Eve

We sure missed seeing our Familys but we are so grateful to have such good friends to share our holidays with!

We had a nice Christmas Eve! We had a few friends over to have dinner with us. I made the traditional Ham, Potatoes and this is the second year that I have made butterflake rolls! We also had some yummy Guava Cheesecake from costco that I have been looking forward to for a few months!

The Girls! Katie, me , and Mardy!
Thanks again for coming guys!

Hudson was so excited when we brought all the presents out that night! I told him that he got to open one present and he was so excited. We do Christmas Jamies and Remy was already asleep so Hudson opened both of them. Hudson wanted to open more of course and kept trying to be sneeky. He would say "I just want to look at the tags!" Then he picked up two presents and said "I like these ones I am going to put them in my room!" Nice try!

Monday, December 22, 2008

No Training Wheels!

Today Travis decided to take Hudson's training wheels off, and he rode it as if he was born to ride a bike! It didn't suprise me to much because he is so cordnated with doing things like this! He did awesome. Travis didn't even run with him he just held his bike and he took off! I think that he could have done this a while ago but he goes so fast with the training wheels and dosen't have to pedal so fast to not fall over! So looks like I'll bee running after now! By the end of the day he was turning around really good and going up and down the cirbs. He did run into a parked car, well the tire so no damage there, he just needs to work how much he brakes and turns at the same time! I am so pround of him he is growing up so fast. Good job buddy! This video was his second go at it and he still did really good!


Remy is going to be one in a few weeks and I just can't belive how time flys! He is still a happy little boy. He has been pulling up on everything and stays busy following his big brother around.

For so reason Remy really likes socks. He will crawl around with them in his mouth or hand all day!

Travis put up this shelf for me in our laundry room the other day and called me in to see the final product and the weight test and this is what I found!


They had Santa come on the helo again this year to visit the kids! Hudson was so excited! I reminded him in the morning that Santa was coming to visit and he said " Can I give him a love"? Meaning a hug! He has been so excited for Christmas this year! Hudson has been telling everyone that he is getting Knex and a Walle and Eve toy for Christmas from Santa.
Hudson doesn't look like he is very excited in the pic but he was. Remy did good and kept looking at his beard. He did start crying at the end because Santa started to laugh and it scared him. Santa gave all the kids a toy and Hudson got a few trucks. After he opened his present Hudson snuck back up with Santa and Travis went over to get him and Hudson said " Thank you Santa for the truck , but I want Walle !" Funny boy!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Soccer Mom

I am a soccer Mom! It is so exciting to see Hudson growing up and doing new things! Today was his first game and we all had a good laugh. Hudson did good, as good as a three year old can with out knowing what is really going on.

This is the cute banner that a few of the Mom's made for the team! We are the green Dragons!

Hudson is such a preformer! He will fall down in the grass and roll around then strike a pose and look to see if any one is watching! Everyone had a good laugh! On the way to the game Travis told him to remember that we don't need to fall down that we stay on our feet and chase the ball! Sorry Dad that yous son is a little silly! Travis had a good time watching him play!

Here is a nice action shot of Hudson and his buddy Ethan who is on the other team, in red on the right! They had enough kids sign up in the coast guard that they had two teams. They split the alphabet in half so Hudson is on a different team than a few of his good buddies but he has a few on his team to. We just have to remind them to get back with their team during practice.

Kicking the ball in the goal, practice!

Warming up with the team.Hudson is the on straight across from the coach with the ball. Travis is standing next to him.

This is a short clip of the game. I know the Grandparents will like it. By the way Hudson is the one visiting with his buddy Ethan. His number is 1.

Big Boy

Remy is getting relly good at pulling up on stuff! He has figured out how to climb up our slide! I have been baby proofing our home more because is is starting to get into everything already! Every day he gets a little more daring! Ahh I am not ready for this, He will be a year old in less than one month! I can not belive how fast time flys! He is still the most happy plesant boy ever! He loves to follow Hudson around and play with him. Last night I put Hudson to bed and was getting Remy's bottle ready to put him to sleep. Remy could hear Hudson yelling about Hudson and crawled over to his door and started banging on it! He loves his big brother so much they are really cute to watch!


Me and Sarah

All Of the kiddos had a good time playing together!

Better later than never! We had a nice Thanksgiving, our good friends the Draves had us over for dinner. It was so nice to be able to spend it with friends than by ourselves! They are leaving this transfer season in the summer and I don't know what I am going to do!( I will just have to lock them up) I am so sad, me and Sarah have become good friends and it will be different here with out her! Thanks you guys for having us over, we love you!