Saturday, December 13, 2008

Soccer Mom

I am a soccer Mom! It is so exciting to see Hudson growing up and doing new things! Today was his first game and we all had a good laugh. Hudson did good, as good as a three year old can with out knowing what is really going on.

This is the cute banner that a few of the Mom's made for the team! We are the green Dragons!

Hudson is such a preformer! He will fall down in the grass and roll around then strike a pose and look to see if any one is watching! Everyone had a good laugh! On the way to the game Travis told him to remember that we don't need to fall down that we stay on our feet and chase the ball! Sorry Dad that yous son is a little silly! Travis had a good time watching him play!

Here is a nice action shot of Hudson and his buddy Ethan who is on the other team, in red on the right! They had enough kids sign up in the coast guard that they had two teams. They split the alphabet in half so Hudson is on a different team than a few of his good buddies but he has a few on his team to. We just have to remind them to get back with their team during practice.

Kicking the ball in the goal, practice!

Warming up with the team.Hudson is the on straight across from the coach with the ball. Travis is standing next to him.

This is a short clip of the game. I know the Grandparents will like it. By the way Hudson is the one visiting with his buddy Ethan. His number is 1.


Jessica said...

He is so cute. I can't get over it.

mardymeans said...

I can totally see Hudson loving soccer! That is so cute that they have teams for 3 year olds! Weston could have played this year but we found out about it too late! But we will be signing him up for next year! We will both be soccer mom's!