Thursday, January 19, 2012


We finally got some snow a few weeks back and took the kids sledding. This year we had a real sled, if you don't remember last year Travis took a little plastic swim pool for them to use.

Tea strutin the snow pants, they where way to big and made her a little tipsy.
Tea loved to go down, I went down once with her and let Travis take over.

It was like the Christmas Story all over again when ever she fell.

She probably would have lasted all day if we weren't all cold and wet. The boys crashed that night, it was a lot of work to get back up the hill.

Christmas in North Carolina

We had such a nice week in North Carolina before Christmas, It was so fun to be there on Christmas too! This is baby Jesus and by Hudson and Remy in John the Babtist. They are a few of mine and Beths old dolls and we have had them out for Christmas for as long as I can remember.

Tea had a fun time with all the different head bands to put on.
The kiddos get to open one present on Christmas eve which are always some new pajamas.
Tea loved to sit on this present, here she is being a little reindeer.
All the kiddos in there new pajamas
We acted out the Christmas story the best we could, here is Parley as the donkey, Tea as Mary, and Remy as Joseph.
Here are the three kings bringing, gold, frankincense, and "panths"mers. Haha Grandma is so creative.
Christmas morning, the kids were so excited to see what santa brought them. Remy actually went down with out me knowing and came up to tell Hudson that is way way funner down stairs with the new toys! Little stinker! Remy got a marble works and was so happy! Tea enjoyed it as well, Remy was patient and shared.

Hudson got a Knex set, it surprises me how much he can build with out any help! He is growing up so fast!!!

Tea got a stroller for her doll and a new dress for her doll. It is so fun to have a girl and see them getting into the baby doll phase.
Hudson got Remy a light saber and Remy got one for Hudson. They were both so excited to get one!
My brother Parley is engaged Erica who we love, she sent some presents for the kiddos and got Tea a cell phone. It was her favorite! She would walk around talking on it, I wonder where she learned that so young?
Her she is texting all ready! This is what we have to look forward too.
Christmas Day already for church, Grandma Ging and Grandpa Jed gave Tea her pretty dress and the boys some new Church shirts and ties before we left to NC.
Tea trying to attack Papa with the flower!
This is the best we could get!
Remy.... He was trying to pick a flower and instead under estimated his strength and pulled out the whole plant, haha we all had a good laugh.
It has been so nice to have my sister Bethany at BYU this year! I got to be the mom and help her move in and it is so fun to see her more! I can't wait until my Momma gets home (and dad):) in July! We have missed them and still feel a little home sick with out them here with us since we moved back! Less than 5 months and only 4 transfers to go!! Sorry dad I am counting! Hudson asked " does Grandma and Grandpa get home July 1st or 2nd "? We still don't know its now kinda a family joke!
Uncle Par worked for scholastic and bought my kids so really fun books for Christmas. Grandma reading a few of them, doesn't Remy look like the Grumpy Cat?
Tea trying to eat Grandmas toes!
Hudson had to go potty and of course mentioned it after we passed the exit with the gas stations right of the freeway. We took the next exit in a small town of Blackwater Missouri and hoped we could find a bathroom. We drove for a few miles before coming to a tiny main street. They had some cool little shops and we stopped in one and all used there potty, we bought the kids each a little something because we felt bad to just use the Restroom. The man had a sweet handlebar mustache, I wish we could have got a picture. This was painted on a little garden courtyard they had. It ended up being a nice little detour!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Drive to North Carolina

This is what the GPS said when we left Logan to drive to NC to suprise my mom for christmas. We told my dad around Thankgiving and he was able to keep it a secret, along with all of us who almost sliped up a few times. We took Bethany and Parley with us and told them they could only come along if they still would like us and the kids after the long adventure.

On the way there we layed down the seats and tried to drive threw the night, it was a good idea just hard to do with Tea being so young. We finnaly got her asleep around 11, all the kids slept and me and Beth had a hard time. We were supposed to be the replacment drivers. We stopted to get gas around 2 in the morning and Hudson woke up and threw up, along with Travis who started to feel sick. By 2:30 Tea was awake and thought we were having a party, she was smiling big and chatting. By then I was tired and had enough and we decided to pull over and get a hotel. It didn't take us long to be in bed! On the way home we decided to stay three nights and drive during the days and that worked better.
The kids did so good, I didn't have high expectaions but they did awesome. It was me that had to take a few deep breaths!

When we would stop for gas we would all get out and get some wiggles out!
Travis enjoying the break from driving, he was a driving machine! He drove all the way home! Crazy, I am pretty sure he just liked that he could put in ear phones and listen to his book and not have to worry about feeding and entertaining everyone. When we arrived we planed a head of time with my dad that he would go to the bathroom so my mom would have to answer the door. We put my kids on the door step and knocked. When she opened the door she was so shocked, she was so suprised she just knelt down to hug the kids and cried and cried. I had to tell Remy that Grandma was okay that they were happy tears. She had no idea! It was the best suprise, Christmas ever. We got there a week before Christmas and left the day after Christmas. The weather was so nice in the 60's.
Enjoying the weather, eating a stick!
Tea loves blueberries, I made the mistake of letting her have to many. That was a scary diaper, a mistake I won't make again.
Playing some basketball at the mission home.

Remy Birthday

Remy Jack turned 4 this week, were has that four years gone? This year Remy wanted a Daisy dog cake I did my best to make it look like a bassest hound he loved it.
Remy was so excited when he opened his card from Grandma Lil and Papa Lindz and he had a git card to go buy a toy. He had a fun time picking out something and buying it with his card.
Cute boy, during the winter I often refer Remy to my little Puerto rican because he is always saying he is so cold. Poor kid was born in the warmth and lived there long engough to get used to the heat. We are so grateful to have him in our family. He is our goofy, boy. We always get a good laugh with his silly faces and things he says. He is very sweet to everyone around him and his teachers love him!!!

Having the first bite, a tradition we started a year ago!
Tea wanted a bite too! And because she is cute and say's please so nice she got her way!
Then we had to let Hudson try!
Tea enjoyed her piece of cake, her and Remy loved it when I gave her them the beaters from the frosting earlier that day! I had to wait to frost the rest of the cake when she was napping she was a little to helpful.
We skyped with my parents while we did presents and cake, I can't wait until they get home in July!!!
We found a little tramp at a sports store by our house that was on sale for cheap. We thought it would be fun to set up in the boy's room during the winter and set it up out on the patio in the summer. Travis set it up in there room while they were asleep so Remy would be suprised when he woke up. He loved it! He jumped for about a hour then said " I am starving lets eat breakfast".