Thursday, June 10, 2010

Family Trip

June 7th and 8th 2010

We decided to take a little family trip to Fajardo and stayed at a really nice resort called El Conquistador. We picked this place because they have a water park that you can go to that has slides and we thought the boys would enjoy that. Travis wrote a little about our trip.

The first day we checked in and got right down to the pool because it was stinking hot! They had an awesome water park with all kinds of slides for everyone. At this water park the boys could go down the slides as long as they had Mom or Dad with them. I think Hudson was a little bit nervous the first time he went down on the tubes with Jo, but his huge smile when he got to the bottom told us he was definately ready for more! I could drive the tube crazy (imagine that Travis adding danger to the ride, who would have thought?!) and get it to turn around so we were facing backwards. Hudson thought that was really fun. When we would hit the water on the bottom facing backwards he would get thrown over my head into the water. There was another slide that you didn't needs tubes for, and Hudson would go down that one all by himself! Remy must have thought he was big too, because he went flying down this one before I could catch up with him. I dove into the slide headfirst trying to get him, but he was going too fast to ever catch him. He was wearing his floaties so he was safe and his confidence definately high when he has those things on! We stayed there at the water park for about three and half hours with the kids nevering really slowing down. I think Jo got the most tired--but we were all so hungry. After a quick burger for dinner (Hudson was ravenous and tore his burger up! Remy behaved likewise and devoured his fries) we went back to the room and the boys crashed out in about 2 minutes! Jo and I didn't sleep great in the motel bed (of course) but we were all really excited to go to the beach the next morning. After a great all-you-eat breakfast we got packed up and went to the hotel ferry and went over to Palomino Island. It was a beautiful, nice and quiet island about 6 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico. We just relaxed at that beach for while and then headed back to check out of the motel. Once we got all loaded into the car, Remy fell asleep in about 30 seconds--Hudson took almost a full minute. They both slept about all the way home.

Here is the veiw from our room, they upgraded us to ocean view for free.
These are the little trains we would ride to go back up to our room the boys thought that was fun.

This is the resort we stayed in the building that was up on top of the hill.

Riding the boat over to the island.

I looked back at Remy and this is the face he was making I think he also didn't get quite enough sleep.
Checking out the iguanas on the island
31 weeks Prego today!

Swimming at the Couqui water park

Before we went to the pool I wanted to get a picture of the boys on the rocks by the ocean. Ha ha this is the best one they were to interested in throwing little rocks in and checking out the water.

Remy already to go home with his bag, we were waiting while dad went and got the car.


mardymeans said...

I love it Jojo!! It looks like you guys had so much fun! That place looks beautiful, and you're looking great at 31 weeks prego!!

Kateka said...

You two are such darling parents to such darling little kids.

Riva said...

so fun!!!!

Katie said...

Hey JoJo! Just checking in. Looks like you guys did a lot of fun things before you left. I wish i can say the same for us. its been so rainy every day-no beach weather for us :( Hopefully we'll get to do a few things we haven't done yet before we leave next month.