Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Grandma Lil sent the boy's a doll at the beginning of March with a cute note telling them they could practice with the dolls so that they would be ready to have a baby. They loved it, it was fun to see them carry them around and feed them. They both liked to have them wrapped up in the cute blankets that Grandma made and would get upset when they would come unwrapped. Travis said "I never thought I would see them carrying dolls around".

Grandma Lil with the dolls before she sent them so the boys could see that they visited with Grandma and Grandpa before coming to our house.
Feeding the baby's!!


Brittany Crane said...

What a great idea!! Your mom is so cute to think of that. I'm sure they will be such good big brothers and so protective of their little sister.