Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bethany's Wedding

Congrats to Tyson and Bethany! They were married in December, I am just way behind.

It was so cold that day, "brothers gotta hug"!
Cute Liam trying to stay warm

Some days it is impossible to get a decent picture!

Love my sisters!
Tea was so excited to wear her new pretty dress and shoes. Every time we went over to my moms before the wedding Tea would go to the closet where her dress was kept and would put it on and wear it around Grandmas.
My dad with some of his old workers and family friends, Nolan and Fish!
We set up the Nintendo for the boys while we set up for the wedding and then for the reception, they had fun playing with the cousins.
We had a fun time dancing the night away, my kiddos love to dance.

Hudson doing the shuffle!