Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First day of Pre-K

Hudson started Pre-K this year, I can not believe that he is old enough to ride a bus all by himself and eat breakfast at school. Monday was his first day and he was so excited! I went in to wake him up Monday morning at 6:10 am the bus comes at 6:30, when I woke him up he just layed there for a minute then sat up really quickly and said " Is this a school day?" He has done really good the first two days and says he loves it. In fact this morning we were walking out the door to go to the bus stop and he says's "By Mom see you later, I can get on the bus by myself ". I had to remind him that Mom liked to wave goodbye!

Remy was excited to see his brother get home
Hudson on his first day!
Sitting with his class, I had to go take in all the supplies for his class that they have you buy so I got to get a picture of him and say Hi!
I have to admit I was really nervous about him going, I had a few tears here and their but he loves it and it makes it easier to send him. It is not that I don't want him to go it is just hard sending them on the way to grow up even more.


The Reed Family said...

I am having a hard time with Kindergarten! It rips my heart out...but yet I also enjoy the time with Hunter. Ah the emotional roller
coaster called motherhood!

Christal said...

He is so cute!! I cried the first time I took my kids and the same for kindergarten now I can't wait for school to be back in ha ha!! As for steve o sick that is huge!!! Hope the hurricanes keep passing by scary!! Cute pictures!!

Riva said...

Oh man... what happened to our little hairy babies? and now they are going to school - no fair! I love his hair cut and he looks so cute in class!