Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cutest niece

I think that I have the cutest niece in the whole world! Adie is my only niece but it is still true! She was so fun to have here. She is so smiley and makes the cutest noises! Hudson was a nice boy and even shared his prize monster trucks with her! We love you cute girl!

Hudson has been so good about being very gentle around babies. He loved that he would put his hand out and Adie would reach out and touch his! he would say Hi five!

Best pic that I could get of all three of them!

Nice choke hold! At least he wasn't going to drop him!

Adie is 9months old and Remy is 4 months old! Adie is only maybe a few inches taller than Remy and a little thinner! Remy is just a big boy!