Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fire Truck

Garrett and Hudson Soaking wet!

They had a fire truck come to visit at the base a few weeks ago and guess who was so excited. Of course Hudson was besides himself. Other than we had to wait out in the way hot sun for an hour because they were late. Which didn't surprise me the way things happen in Puerto Rico, but that's another story. It was a bummer because they didn't let the kids in side the engine. They did spray all the kids down and Hudson loved it. I couldn't get a very good picture because the guy kept trying to spray me. Hello I have a camera!! That didn't matter.

Can you spot Hudson , I will give you a clue he is the one a few inches of the ground and not afraid to get wet at all,not surprising!


carrie said...

Jojo, that picture of Hudson being sprayed is too funny. I love, love, love the picture of you kissing the baby.....sooo sweet! I wish we were there, it looks so beautiful, you better enjoy every second, and take tos of pictures!