Sunday, July 19, 2009

Frampton Family Reunion 2009

We were able to go to the Frampton reunion this year. The first day we spent at Jordanelle, we played on the little beach, rode in the boat and played with all the cousins. We had a great time, but we sure missed Travis, Grandma Lil, Grandpa Lindz, and Uncle Parley.

Uncle Brady and Aunt Alley were nice enough to ride the tube with Hudson. I wanted a picture with Remy on the tube, he was not happy at all.

Here is Remy really upset and concerned for his brother who was enjoying his tube ride.

Hudson and Jessie enjoying some graham crackers, they had so much fun and played really well together.

Sally and I, It was so fun to visit with all my cousins, Grandparents, and Aunts and Uncles. We sure miss getting together with all the family!

My cousin Jessica and her Hubby Mert were kind enough to give all the kids a ride or two in their boat. Hudson loved it, he even jumped in the freezing cold lake and swam around.

The second day we had lunch at Grandma Ber's and Grandpa Fud's, swam in the pool and went home exausted . I forgot to mention that Hudson got stung by a bee and was so upset. He was in the pool and grabbed onto a noodle that had a bee on it. He started screaming, I pulled him out and handed Remy of to someone. As I was mixing so baking soda with some water to put on him he said between screaming and crying,"It's going to sting FOREVVVER"!!! I calmly explained to him that it would stop in a minute and he would be okay. He then said " I don't want to ever come back to Utah because they have bees" . I had to remind him that bee's live in Puerto Rico. It was quite a traumatic experience for him but he has recovered and all is well.


Brady and Alley Thomas said...

Hey, I just had to say that I love the picture of us on the tube. It is classic! I love all of our faces...brady, me and remy. That was a good moment to capture! We love you and miss having you here. I hope that you're enjoying being back at home though. It was so fun to look at all of your posts. Talk to you soon!