Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oil refinery explosion and fire

Well were do I start.... On Friday morning at 12:30 am I jumped out of bed waking up to a huge noise and my house shaking. I didn't now what it was and had no idea what scared me so bad to jump out of bed. All of my boys slept right threw it so I climbed back in bed completely out of it. The next morning I went out to run and this is what I saw. This is taken from our balcony.

They still don't now how the fire started and caused the huge explosion. Eleven of the huge tanks burned up with flames getting even 600 ft tall! It was crazy! It burned until Sunday afternoon it caused had major damage to Ft Buchanan. This is the Army base were we get grocery's, and where Hudson along with other fellow Coastie kids go to school. The base is closed because of the damage and there was even damage at the schools. I am so grateful Hudson was not at school! I don't now how long it will be until he goes back to school and we are able to get grocery's there. It stinks because our food bill for the next month will double in cost. Oh well it could be worse. No one was killed just some minor injuries. They still aren't if it was just an accident or something else, we will just have to wait and see.

This is a picture from across the bay down in old San Juan.

The boys on top of the roof that next night looking at the fire. The sky was glowing because the flames were still so big.
We couldn't get a very good picture at night.

This is a picture that my friend Katie took ( I hope she dosen't mind) of the fire from her house. She lives just up the road from us.


Adam and Shanna Family Blog said...

Oh my when I saw this on the news I wondered how close it was!! Did you have to evacuate at all? They said they were evacuating people because of the toxic gas in the air- so scary! Glad you and your family are safe!

Norine said...

Mom told me about this explosion this afternoon and then to see these pics I can't believe no one was killed. I am so glad you were all safe in your beds. Love you guys.

Joslyn and Devin said...

What the heck is going on over there??? I love your positive attitude Jo!

Christal said...

wow glad you guys are okay! Kind of freaky though eh! Can't wait to see the kids halloween costumes!!

Kakes said...

Good grief! That is so scary. I am glad you were okay.

Remy is THE CUTEST Nacho I've ever ever seen.