Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crazy Boys!

Remy's hair has been doing a lot of crazy things, well it dosen't help when you fluff it for fun

Hudson being silly with the stickers!

Well were do I begin..... Hudson love's Nacho Libre, there is a lady that sells these masks down in old San Juan. We decided to buy the boys one and they love them even my biggest boy gets a kick out of them..... pretty scary!

They had fire safety week at school last week and Hudson got to see the firefighters and got a sweet hat and coloring book! We was so excited to tell us all about it!


carrie said...

I love Remy's hair, he is so cute. Yesterday Lola was saying that she likes Remy because he always chases her, it's funny the things kids remember. She also said se wanted us to name the baby Remy. I told her we can't use the same names bacause we are cousins and it gets too confusing, then she said she wanted to name him Ray. Even more confusing!

Riva said...

I love remy's hair!!! LOL I love their masks!! Olivia loves Nacho Libre - glad to see dad gets a kick out of it too!! ;)

Christal said...

love it!!! You are the best mom ever I love remi's hair your boys are such studs!! Looks like alley and brady and you guys all had a lot of fun!! I'm coming next k! haha I wish!! ttys

Nick and Maddy Winward said...

Finally found your blog! Love the hair and stickers! Aren't boys the best!

Norine said...

Man, I miss those boys. I love that I can see them in pictures often though. Did you get the pics I sent in the mail? Miss and love you guys too.