Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hudson's 9th Birthday Party

 Were has time gone, he is growing up so fast I thought him turning 8 was weird now he is 9!! Hudson is such a nice big brother and is so caring for everyone's feelings around him. He is really into drawing cars and dragons right now and is pretty talented. We sure love you Hudson and our so grateful that you were born into our family!
 Travis played a mean trick on Hudson and wrapped his iphone box up. Hudson was so excited then realized there was no phone!! Yeah right buddy! There was a five dollar bill in there and that made him happy enough!
 We celebrated Travis graduation and Hudson's Birthday the same day Both boys got a new watch from Grandma Ging and Papa Jed.
 Grandma Lil bought some cute vans for our baby! Tea wishes they fit her, she is still such a shoe girl, I wonder where she gets that?....Her dad !!
 Papa Jed and Grandma Ginger
 Grandma Great (Ber)
 Grandma Lil and Papa Lindz 

 Hudson wanted a Mine Craft cake this year, with all the packing and getting ready to move he was nice and let me do cupcakes this year to make my life easier!

On the morning of Travis Graduation Parley and Erica had a ultrasound to find out what they were having. They had the tech write it in an envelope and brought it to the party. We sprayed them with blue silly string to find out what it was. It was a way fun way to find out! We are so excited to have another nephew and cousin!