Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Arches with Juarez

Papa Jed and Grandma Ginger stopped by on there way home from a trip and came with us to the Arches and did The Windows hike.

It was fun to have Travis with us this time, the kids were able to explore a little more with him.
The kiddos had a nap on the way back from our hike and had a hard time waking up when we got home. This is how I found them trying to re-coop.
Howdy geezer! Remy wanted to wear his gray vest to church and couldn't find his pants so I told him to try Hudson's out. Haha he came out with them all pulled up looking like this!! Thank goodness I was able to find his we wouldn't want to embarrasses the family more.
My poor feet and ankles were so swollen this weekend, the hike probably didn't help. I can't wait to have this baby!!
Remy built this all by himself and wanted me to send a picture to his dad to show him while he was at work. These have been the best Christmas present we have bought the boys in a while they love them.