Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Forth of July Week

Our good friends the Juarez's came to visit us the week of the 4th of July. We had so much fun playing and catching up. We took the kiddos bowling one night were Remy creamed us all. Hudson was upset because he didn't reach the goal he set for himself!
We took them to Bluff to go to the visitors center there. It is a really cool place and has so much history and stories of the pioneers who traveled and made it there.

We were excited to try our new town out for the Forth of July festivities! We started the day with the parade, It was a hit! They had some fun floats and they also had a few water truck that the kids loved running up to to get wet.

Tea was a little bugged that she got sprayed! 

Travis and Seth danced along with the cheerleaders, a few of them noticed and couldn't help not laughing. We all had a good laugh and a lady offered to make them a uniform so they could preform with them next year.

Tea was pretty happy with all the treats and goodies she collected

Cute Baby Davis!!
Riva and Seth
Sadly the best picture to turn out!!
They had an awesome firework show that they had to cut short because of the wind, we kept getting hit by the cardboard from them.