Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Echo Triathlon !

Right before the race. It was freezing!

Travis, me , and Savanna after the race!

While we were in Utah we were able to do the Echo Triathlon on July 12Th. It was both our first time doing one. My cousin Savanna came to visit us in PR in March and was telling us about it. So we decided to do it with her! We had a lot of fun! I was so nervous about it I was having bad dreams a few nights before we did it. My goal was just to finish and not die! I did a lot better than I thought I would. Travis did really well and now we both have the bug to do one again!


Kakes said...

Jojo! You are so awesome. I am so impressed that you did this. I am also impressed that you pulled off not 1 but 2 different looks at the race (hair up, and then later down in a hat). You look darling in both.

prRiggs said...

A TRIathalon...That's awesome!