Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One of those days!

I was going to write about this yesterday when it happened, but by the time I got a chance to I chose to go to bed instead! Yesterday started out with Hudson coming into the kitchen and pulling the bag of popcorn kernals of the counter and spilling them all over the kitchen floor. He was more upset about it than I was. I had to reasure him that it was okay and that we could clean it up. After that I was giving Hudson his breakfast and his nose kept running. I went to get a tissue because I could see a bugger in his nose. So after having him blow his nose a few times we discovered that it wasn't a bugger it was a pea!!! Let me back up and tell you about last night at dinner. Hudson thought it would be funny to put a pea in his nose. Which was funny that he would come up with that but of course we held back our giggles and explained that it wasn't nice manners to do that and its not good to put things in our noses. When we were done eating I went to feed Remy and put him to bed. Travis went into the kitchen to get a wash cloth to wash Hudson off with. So during the few minutes alone Hudson manadges to stich a pea up his nose. Ahhh lets just say I am grateful to have the pea out of his nose the next day other than it be way worse in a few days! No more peas unsupervised!!!


Jeanne_2008 said...

oh my goodness! I haven't had an incident with items up the nose! That is too crazy!!

Missy&Jake said...

ah jo-these are the kind of stories that make me nervous about having a boy. J/k Hillarious that he had it up there for a whole night!