Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hudson and Remy

On Tuesday Hudson walked over to Remy who was laying on the couch next to me and tried to pick him up!! (Luckly I now better than to leave Remy alone with Hudson.) Then after I told him not to pick Remy up with out Mom's or Dad's help he aked if he could hold him, this doesn't happen very often so I hurried and grabed the camera while Travis helped Hudson hold Remy, it didn't last very long but it sure was cute while it did. Remy has been
giving us lots of smiles lately and it has been fun to see Hudsons reactions to that. He sure loves his brother. I forgot to say that on Sunday when Travis blessed Remy Hudson lost it. While Travis was blessing Remy he kept saying " Remy, Remy bring back my brother," and was crying , so I had to try to calm Hudson down the whole time. Its nice to now that he is so protective of his brother!


mardymeans said...

That is so sweet how much Hudson loves his baby brother! I remember when Haley actually did pick up Weston when he was 3 weeks old and dropped him before I could come to his rescue! I'm pretty sure there wasn't any permanent damage done, but sometimes I wonder, J/K!!