Monday, March 24, 2008

Egg Roll

Preparing the eggs the night before!!

Remy rolled the egg with his piggys,
he didn't like that much because the egg was freezing cold!

Hudson made it to the final round and came in second place!
Sara won, congrats! :) We were lucky to have my cousin Savanna in town for Easter, it has been so fun to have her here with us. She has ben a ton of help, I wish I had a little more money so I could hire her as our Nanny!! We had our good friends the Draves over for easter dinner and the egg roll. It was a lot of fun to introduce a fun family traditon to our good friends! The kids loved it!

I forgot to post this picture with the other ones.
Hudson making a silly face, he is not so easy to get to smile!

We tried out Remy's big chair. His head is getting so strong,
don't worry my hand was right behind him the whole time!
But don't you think he looks so big!


prRiggs said...

The "Egg Roll" looks like so much fun. You'll have to share your tradition.

Frampton Family said...

I'm glad you're keeping the tradition alive. And Hudson looks like he loved it. As for your haircut. I LOVE it Jojo! You should just cut it yourself from now on. ha

Anonymous said...