Monday, January 31, 2011

The Sink

 This is " The Sink" served at Angie's a restaurant were the locals eat. Travis and I went on a date there on Saturday and there was a group of people eating this and he couldn't get it out of him mind how fun it would be to make your self sick by eating all this ice cream. So for family night we went and tried to eat it. They boys thought it was pretty fun. Remy actually ate some he usually won't even touch ice cream. It has got to be close to a gallon of ice cream with four banana half's and 3 toppings with cool whip and yes that is ice cream piled up high not cool whip! Oh man we needed my brothers to help us out. I probably close to three cups of ice cream which didn't put much of a dent. Hudson ate a ton he enjoyed eating his little heart out! Travis, well he probably won't be eating ice cream for a few days got the shakes, OD.
Don't mind my boy's sick side burns I know your jealous! Travis wants to grow there hair out, I need to at least trim there side burns they look like dirt bags.

 Forget the ice cream I will eat the jam packets! Funny Remy, this is what he was doing when I looked over at him.


This is how close we got! We probably had a bowl left but i think Travis would have passed out. We will have to wait until we have more help. My brother Parley could polish this of by himself he loves challenges like this. We will have to go when he gets home from his mission in June. That is if Trav has recovered by then!


Kateka said...

Oh man. That looks intense! I wonder if maybe they should call it the bottomless pit, since that is what your stomach needs to be in order to finish it!

Tiffany said...

Our kids were just asking to go do that agin. They are a bit addicted to getting the bumper stickers for finishing. Your officially Loganites now!!! :)

Norine said...

I love the new pics JoJo! I cant believe the ice cream dish and that Trav ate that much. I am sure his lactose intollerance came around with avengance. Hope to see you guys soon. Love yah!

Joslyn and Devin said...

What? I lived there for 2 YEARS and never knew about the sink!! that is so fantastic. I love Trav's face after all the ice cream. he looks like his eyes are just going to roll back in his head and give up the ghost.

mardymeans said...

Wow, looks like fun!! Travis wasn't looking so good at the end there, ha ha!! I think I would have ate myself sick too!! If there is more icecream to eat then I will eat it!!