Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crossfit Competition

 Travis competed in a Cross fit Competition last weekend and we went to cheer him on. They had a total of 100 men competing and 4 events. Travis did really well he even broke his personal record on the muscle snatch. The first event was a run and they did't have it marked very well and he missed a turn and everyone was told to turn around and he was the only one that did. So he was honest but placed way lower in that event making it hard to make it to the finals and place better like he should have so that kind of stinks. He still finished 28th place out of one hundred.
 Hudson was a good helper and held Tea so I could take a few pictures. Here she is cheering for dad!
The second work out was called FRUN   "4 minutes of Frun" ,95lb Thrusters and Pullups.  The Rep Scheme will be 1 thruster, 2 pullups, 3 thrusters, 4 pullups, 5 thrusters, 6 pullups, and so on.Most reps wins. He placed 10th over all in this event! 

 Atlas stones and Barbell Snatch. You had to lift this 115lb stone as many time in 2 min then go for your max snatch.    

This is all the competitors from Cache Valley Cross fit were Travis works and I work out. It has been really fun working out at the gym rather than at home.


Kateka said...

I need to find out more about this. I went to the website awhile ago but got way confused... I'll have to have you walk me through it.

mardymeans said...

That is so cool!! Way to go Trav! That really sucks about the run thing though, that's what you get for being honest!!! Oh well you still did really awesome!! I wish I could work out there too! I miss the crossfit workouts!!