Saturday, August 7, 2010

Finlinson Family Reunion

July 31st
Travis' family reunion is held in Oak city. They always have a dance at the end and Remy really enjoyed it, Hudson did for a minute but had more important things to do.
Remy doing the hokey poky with Grandma Ging.
Remy loves to help, Travis was helping put the table and chairs away and Remy joined him. He would drag a chair over and return to get more. Here he is trying to give my thumbs up.
This dog just hung around all day at the park and was nice to all the kids Remy loved it and followed him around most of the time.
The dog was sleeping and Remy was really concerned and kept pointing to his eyes. I explained to him that the dog was taking a nap because he was tired, he decided to join him.


mardymeans said...

That looks like a lot of fun!! Remy is so cute to take a nap with the dog! Bear Lake looks awesome too! Isn't it great to be so close to fun things!