Saturday, January 4, 2014

Its Great to be Eight!!

I had a lot of fun taking pictures of Hudson for his baptism, he is such a goofy boy.  

Hudson being Hudson

We were so excited that our best friends drove all the way to come to Hudson's baptism, Hudson and Olivia have been friends since they were babies!! Cute Remy and Viola!!! I love these girls!!

Proud Mom and handsome boy!!
Hudson asked Travis to baptism, I still think we are in shock that he is already eight.

Love this little family of mine!!
Grandpa Lindz and Grandma Lil
Grandpa Jed and Grandma Ginger
Grandma Great
Grandpa Great Thomas
Aunt Bethany 

Aunt Sandy
Our good friend Chelsea  

Aunt Alley made Hudson this giant cookie just for him. He was so excited. 
I had so much planning this party it was such a fun day for us