Thursday, February 19, 2009

Guilligan's Island

We went to this cool island on the south side of the island a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post so pics. It was really fun we went with a few freinds from the ward and had a really good time! It dosen't have much of a beach but the snorkeling was awesome!

You can see how clear the water is. The island is pretty much all mangrove trees.

Hudson and Carter wrestled for a a while, they were pretty rough but both were laughing the whole time! They are a perfect match! They both have younger brothers they have to be careful with so they loved that they could play rough!

Remy, always so pleasent! He loves to play in the water and the sand!

The girls! Mardy, Colette, Julia, and me!

Well were do I start... We see a lot of these scary suits here. This particular man walked out strutting his stuff all the way to the end of the dock were people were coming to get on the ferry. Once we went back to get the people he walked back down the dock. It was pretty funny considering the fact that he didn't even get on the boat!

Kind of a random picture but Remy saw his brother doing this and the next day he wanted to join in on it! This is how I found him! Funny boy!

More updates to come! My family was here and just left so I will be posting more soon!


Katie Hatch said...

How was Vieques? I wasn't sure when your family was leaving. We'll need to get together so I can make your cd.

Adam and Shanna Family Blog said...

Looks amazing! Where do you girls get your swim suits? They are all so cute and look great on you all!