Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hudson and Remy

Hudson has been playing soccer again this year, he is doing really good and has even made a few goals. He loves it and is doing much better at not pushing or tackling people. We had a really good family night this week, I love that even though the boy's ( mostly Remy) can't seem to sit still for 5 seconds we are always able to feel the spirit at one point. We decided that we would start bearing our testimonies at the end of each family night so Hudson could practice every week and then he wouldn't be so nervous. He said a very sweet testimony which started the water works for me! I am so amazed how much he remembers and learns at church and at home, it is so important to keep teaching about the Gospel when ever we get the chance he is a little sponge. Hudson said the closing prayer after family night and said something funny he said " help mom and dad to teach Remy not to hit"... wait a minute didn't he have that problem all day one day last week?

Another funny Hudson story, for those that have seen Monsters and Aliens Hudson out of the blue quoted it. He said " What idiot made this", we quickly explained that idiot was not a nice word and not to say it. As soon a Travis finished telling him that 5 seconds later Hudson says, " Derek is a selfish jerk" . We all had to hold in our laughter and tell him that it wasn't nice to say the either and he replies, "Susan says it" . Well looks like he might be done watching movies!!

Remy is a full blown busy two year old! Lately he loves to go into the bathroom and climb up and curl up in the sink I have no idea why. A few weeks ago he learned how to climb out of his crib. I had layed him down for a nap and Travis was going to the bathroom and then was going to have a nap with me. Travis walked in our room and asked me if I wanted him to put Remy down for his nap. I told him I already did and wondered what in the heck he was talking about. I looked over and there is Remy sitting on the ground with his binki and blanket and bear in our door way. Ahh little stinker! We were able to get a crib tent and that has solved the problem and I don't have to worry about him hurting himself. He is such a determined little guy. He is starting to talk a little more and learning new words. A few of his newest are, bus, watch, ouch and of course no! He still is very animated about everything and always has a cute funny face when he is trying to explain something to you. Even though it is complete jabberish when he is talking to you it is fun to guess what he needs.

I am so grateful for two busy boys! I wouldn't trade them for anything. I took them to the pool yesterday when Travis left for work because they were having a pool party BBQ on base. It was so fun to swim with them. Husdon is still a great swimmer and loves to spend all of the time jumping of the edge doing crazy tricks. He even did a front flip, I am not lying when I say he has no fear. Remy is loving wearing floaties and is getting around pretty good. He also follows in his brothers foot steps and loves jumping in. He does not want to be catched or have any help. I would put my hands up and he would wave them away saying "no no no". He to has little fear. I am sorry to all of you who are bored reading this but this is my way of journaling and I need to do better.


Brianna said...

Well, I don't know how out of the blue the monsters vs aliens thing was... Ben let them watch it last Saterday...sorry:) It really is hard to keep a straight face while laying down the law sometimes. It make you wonder how many times our parents were choaking back chuckles.
Your boys were great last weekend and they are both so cute!

Brianna said...

I know how to spell Saturday... it's almost 1:00 am:)

Joslyn and Devin said...

Your boys are so cute and I'm glad you journal online so we can read all your deep dark secrets... ;) ok and so we can stay in touch.

Kateka said...

You are such a good mom! Of course your little boys have such good testimonies with you and Travis as parents! I learn so much from your example. Thanks for online journaling/blogging these stories with the rest of us. :)