Sunday, April 4, 2010

Egg Roll and Easter baskets

We had our annual egg roll on friday night because Travis had to work Easter night. It is always fun to introduce this fun tradition to other friends. We had some good laughs while they were getting the idea of how it worked.
The dads going against each other, this was one of the funniest moments in our egg rolling days. We probably should have had us go first since we know how it is done but we just explained it and let Wes go for it. I think Travis' egg was close to being in half when they went. We must have left out the part about just letting it go easy and not rolling it as fast and hard as you can. We had a good laugh and let them have another round.
The boys had fun this year and Remy really wanted to have no help at all so we all helped be bumpers so the eggs wouldn't fall off the table.
Brinlee was the winner so she got to take the egg roll trophy home that Travis made out of his running one. It was nice to have one of the girls win and for us to get ride of the trophy!
I had a little to much fun that night and decided to spray whip cream on Travis! He was suprised that I actually did it.
Easter Morning...
I guess the Easter bunny should have remebered where she hid the baskets last year because Hudson remembered where his was last year and that is where Remy's was today.
I know this picture is a little blurry but funny for two reasons. Hudson who is making a mad dash to find his basket after seeing that it was Remy's basket and for Remy's excited face for the tractor that was in his basket!
Hudson's was hid a little harder this year. Its a good thing the bunny left a little bit of grass hanging out so he could find it. I remember as a kid when we got older it got harder and harder to find our baskets. I remember one year having to go to church and not finding yet.


Kateka said...

These pics are sooo funny! I love the mad dash Hudson is pulling and how excited Rhemy is. Hilarious!! Your boys are so adorable!

The Reed Family said...

poor remy. He definitely had a good wipeout! But it made for some good pictures!

Nick and Maddy Winward said...

We hide our baskets too! Looks like you had a fun Easter. Your boys crack me up!