Saturday, January 4, 2014

Camera Clean up

Tea shaving Papa's face 
Tea not being to thrilled on sharing her bike trailer
Papa and his trailer, my dad and I had a fun little date together helping my sister move. I sure love my dad and have really loved being close to family.

Tea having a bath in Grandma's mudroom sink

We were helping get the boat washed and ready before our family reunion, Tea enjoyed playing in the bucket.
My Mom and I took the kids downtown to go to the museum and see Papa on his lunch break.

Visiting Grandpa Fuddy's grave at the Frampton Reunion. We sure miss him. 

Salt to Saint

Remy Helping Pack up the van to head home
Group hug
This year for Salt to Saint all the boys rode except for Parley he was more than happy to come with the girls to St.George he was the lucky one. They had a fun time and us gals had a fun time waiting to cheer them on when they made it. It was a fun quick trip.

Family Reunion Hyrum Dam 2013

I braided Tea's hair before we left, she loved it!! 

Remy is quite the little diver
The kiddos all waiting for there present from Grandma and Grandpa. My mom made them all a bag with there name on it in side was a towel, sunglasses, water bottle and fun treats. Such a fun gift for our trip.
This year with us all here in Utah we were able to have our own first family reunion. It was so much fun, I am so grateful for my family.
Rosie came along for the fun
We celebrated my Birthday while we were there one more year and I will be 30.... that one will be hard for me!
First bite for the birthday girl

The boys went on a bike ride, not sure why Travis is missing in this picture.
I braided Tea's hair and she loved it
No words to describe this!
Grandma and Tea cooking some cupcakes, she was a little impatient and decided to start with the eggs on her own.

The kiddos had a blast boating on Papa's boat, Hudson learned how to knee board this year.

Rosie loved swimming with the kids, she got a life jacket as well
Nap time

Cute Liam enjoying the rocks, yummy!

Aunt Beth and Uncle Tyson
Uncle Brady, Liam, and Aunt Alley
Grandma Lil and Papa

Crawdad fishing, the kids thought this was so much fun. I'm just glad that they were okay to let them go.

Tea was so proud of her catch

Tea snuggling with Papa in the morning
We went shooting while we were there it was my first time shooting a hand gun, it was pretty fun.