Friday, June 6, 2008

Bike Ride

Travis found a safe route to ride his bike to work he rides it to the train and then gets off and rides about 10 miles to work. He can only ride it when he has grave yard shifts because the train doesn't run early enough in the morning for day shifts. Well the first time he did it was a few weeks ago and he loved it. I told him to call me when he made it to the train on the way home because the boys are usually awake at 6:30. Well the boy's didn't wake up until 7:00 and Travis was still not home. He thought he would make it back by 6:45. So I went and checked my phone and sure enough he had texted me. It said," I'm at the front door". Me and Huddy went to find dad and he was asleep at the front door on the concrete! The door was locked and he forgot to take a key and he didn't want to wake us up! After a grave yard shift it would be pretty tough not to fall asleep any where. I asked him how the ride home went with no sleep and he said it was good until he got on the train and it took everything to stay awake. He said that he got some pretty good looks at him because he would just stare at people to try and stay awake! Every one probably thinks he is some creep !