Saturday, January 23, 2010

North Carolina Trip

We went to North Carolina for Christmas to visit My parents and sister. We had a ton of fun! It was fun to see them in action with the Missonary's.

They had Zone Conference while we were there so we went to a little and then to the lunch so the boys could see all the missonary's.

We bought the boys some Missonary tags that say Future Missionary. Hudson loved that he had a tag like Grandpa and Grandma.

Testing out the bike for Grandpa!

Hudson and Grandpa had a few good wrestiling matches

I bought Bethany and I a purse pattern with some cute fabric for Christmas. It was a fun project to do with her and my mom I probably would have never got around to doing it if I didn't have some one to do it with.

Grandma Lil and the boys before going to church.

Hudson and Remy both found little vaccums and had to much fun with them. At least the house was really clean in a few places.

Travis and I were able to go the Columbia, South Carolina temple while we were there. It was so nice to be at the temple, we miss it. There is not one in PR and we always are excited to go to the states to go.

We took the boy's to a fun libary, none of those pictures turned out very good. But here are a few on the outside.

We were also able to go to a babtisim. This nice Lady asked my dad if he would babtism her. It suprised him he didn't really plan on doing that part of the mission because usally they ask the ones that teach them. It was a really nice experience and nice to take Hudson to see.

They have a Nascar speedway that we went to see. We were supposed to go on a bus tour on the track but they were all full. So we just went and looked at it. It was freezing that day!

Trying out the seats


Joslyn and Devin said...

I don't get much news from your parents (you know how news stops once you move out of the house) so it was awesome to read a little about how they're doing.

Kateka said...

Jojo, you are so pretty!!! I am sure all the missionaries were staring at you so hard! :)

Jessica said...

your hair looks so pretty long! JoJo, not Travis. I was really excited when I saw your dad in a cape! Glad your trip was so fun.