Monday, September 21, 2009


Hudson went to the dentist for his first time a few weeks ago. He did a really good job and was brave for the unknown. Travis had the day off so I had him take him, I myself had been to the Dentist already that week and didn't feel like going there again. Hudson did good and got nervous when they layed the chair back so he ended up laying on top of Travis and being fine.
Love the face, it looks a little forced!
Getting X-rays
Cute boys, Hudson has one small cavity. Travis took him last week to his appointment to get it fixed, after wating the the wating room for a good hour after checking in he went to the desk to see what was taking so long. They finally told him that they had a water main break last night and they wouldn't be able to do the appointment! Typical Puerto Rico!!! Maybe they thought it would be fixed by 1:oo, ever think about calling and canceling the appointments, or telling people when they check in!!! Duh! Okay I am done venting!


Lily said...

Good job Hudson! Sorry about the canceling and stuff, lol you gotta love PR!

Riva said...

What a brave boy!!

Ginger said...

Way to go Hudson. That's great that you were such a brave boy to see the dentist! Take good care of your teeth. Love you, Grandma Ging